1st post since the end of summer

Hi everyone, sorry that I haven’t been writing on my blog since school ended.  You summer has been going very good, I started  it off with going to the beach with my family. After that I wen’the to Washington for the safety patrol trip, it was great! We got to visit the monuments, museum’s, zoos, and we even got to go on a subway but that’s not what there called, I forgot what it was called. So to start out the summer I had a lot of sitting in a car but it was very fun and I hope the rest is just as fun. I hope that all of you are having a great summer too.

Week 35

This week was great! The first thing that we did was I got to eat my lunch outside. The second thing that I did was finish filming my movie now we just need to edit it. We also had a what we would miss about Rocky Hill in three words, I said miss my friends because I might go to a different school. The last thing that I did was stay after school to talk to 6th graders about middle school.File May 13, 8 14 38 AM

Week 34

This week was great the first thing that I did this week was go to a KARM shelter and a KARM store. It was really neat, we got to see were all the people sleep and eat at the shelter and at the store we got to see how the people that work there organize everything and set up the cloths, it was really neat to see. The next thing that  I did was have electronic day at library, I watched the women’s skateboard X Games, those ladies are good. This week I also made a mothers day card for my mom. I hope she likes it! Also today we have 9 and a half days left of school. It’s almost summer break. That was my 34th week of school!IMG_6522

Week 33

This week was great! The first thing that I did was start the TN Ready test, but the test makers messed up so we only had to do half of it. The next thing I did was start finishing the scripts on my movie. We also got our yearbooks this week. That was my pretty awesoIMG_6471me  week.

this is my yearbook

Week 32

This week was a great week. The first thing that I did this week was get almost done with our scripts, now we have to do live reading infant of the class to get used to reading our scripts. The next thing that I did this week was get my clay sculpture from art, but sadly I don’t have a picture of it. It looks really funny! I also got a piece of candy for getting a 100 on a test. Another cool thing that happened was a kid in my ELA teachers class is in 1st for ticket to read…….  agin.We also got to hear the Soul Singers sing at our school.  File Apr 21, 2 25 52 PMSo that was my 32nd of school.

Week 30

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.13.55 AMThis week was great! The first thing that I did was make an idea for a movie, not based off a book like the class did the first time but something that we make up by ourselves. Mine got second and my friend’s got first, what I came up with was called Big Mystery Small Town. The next thing that I did this week was finish my song on commas, I’m going to post it so you can listen to it. The last thing I did was go to the track meet! It was really cool, I was an alter net so I didn’t have to do anything. But it was still great. I’m also going to post the video on a different page. That was my awesome 30th week.

Week 28

This week was great the first thing that I did was pajama day on Monday because that week was Dr. Seuss week the second thing that I did this week was go on a field trip to the Tuckaleechee Caverns it was a great time. On the way to the Caverns we were making our class video I think that you’ll see that in May. We also made a thing link that has a picture of what we were researching and we point things out on the picture. That was my 28th week of school.IMG_6147